Primrose and Sam



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Jen and Geoff 2015





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Clara and Stephen November 2014

After a decade of dating, Stephen and Clara got engaged on a beautiful serene beach island late last year. Last weekend, I had an amazing time recapturing their engagement and love for each other with the gorgeous Watson’s Bay as the backdrop. With the sun coming down and the soothing waves in the background, it was a fun filled afternoon capturing all the lovely candid moments shared between this romantic couple whilst trailing behind (and occasionally running in front of) their long walks along the beach.

On a side note, with the stunning views of the harbour and the Sydney skyline in the background, it’s easy to understand why Watson’s Bay boasts some of Australia’s most expensive houses. However for now, I’ll just have stick with having the fish and chips at Doyles to claim my bit of the million dollar view.

For more photos of their engagement shoot click here.




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Anna and Shannon November 2014

Anna and Shannon chose Centennial Park as the backdrop for their belated 2 year anniversary portraits as its always been a special spot for them to rollerblade and have nice romantic picnics. We took their portraits during the afternoon and as the sun set, we were blessed with some beautiful warm light. Anna and Shannon were such a pleasure to shoot as they loved to have fun, bringing along their friend “Lamby” for some shots. as well as taking some time towards the end of the shoot to relax in the playground. For more photos of the McVees please click here.



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Kraving K Patisserie

Over the weekend, my wife and I were invited to try the new range of patisserie products from Kraving K Patisserie (one of our preferred wedding suppliers). We  are continually amazed by the quality and creativeness that Kaman (the owner) exhibits in her products .

To celebrate the upcoming festive season, Kraving K is giving away one of her Christmas Theme Log Cakes (serves 4-6 people) for the person that comes up with the best name for the Christmas Theme Log Cake. All you have to do is jump on instagram, regram one of Kraving K’s photos and hashtag #KravingK with the new name for the cake by the 30th November 2014, midnight AEST). Winner will be announced on her website on the 6th of december.

For more information about Kraving K, visit



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The Iassenevs welcome little Cody into the world!

After a long week of feasting, napping and vaccinations, understandably Cody just wanted to sleep in on the weekend, but his parents had other ideas, scheduling the little man for a photo shoot on early Saturday morning. For more pictures of the Iassenevs, please click on the gallery here.




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Engagement Session with Bradley and Rosemary October 2014

The recent return of winter weather is a bit of a blessing in disguise. Usually, Rocky Point island at Balmoral is full of people enjoying the captivating scenes of Balmoral Beach. However, the cooler weather meant that we were relatively secluded and had the spot to ourselves. Brad and Rose chose Rocky Point island to take their engagement shots as it was the place where Brad proposed last December. As they returned to this special spot, it was evident that the location evoked some special memories. For more photos please click here.

DSC_9034 DSC_8873



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Portrait at Mackey Park

I’m definitely loving the summer weather which has arrived in Sydney over the past few days. The conditions were perfect for photo taking, and the sunlight blended perfectly to create a stunning rim light effect around Chanelle’s hair. One of the perks of photography is discovering new locations and hidden gems. The portrait below was taken at Mackey Park in Marrickville and although small I was definitely smitten by the lake and scenic greenery.




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Hong by Starlight Kayaking Tour

One of my highlights during our honeymoon holiday to Phuket was the Hong by Starlight Kayaking Tour (operated John Gray Sea Canoeing Tour).  The tour took us around Phang Nga Bay and the Krabi islands, that are filled with lime stone caves (or referred to as “Hongs” in Thai).  These Hongs are nothing short of breath taking, and I was rewarded for taking the risk (or for my foolishness) in bringing my DSLR on a small canoe. Most photographers would know the sense of Euphoria you get when you capture those “momentous” shots that often seem unrepeatable. The doughnut shaped “Hongs” were nothing short of natural beauty and everything from the luscious greenery growing out of the rocks to the serene water were a dream to take photos of. The trip didn’t come without bumps though and one challenge in reaching the tranquil middle part of these Hongs was knowing when the high and low tides occur. Even with this knowledge, there were times where we had to lie down in the canoes to be able to squeeze through the caves which involved myself clutching onto my camera gear quite comedically.



We heard previously that there are large number of canoeing tour operators, although it is notable that the “Hong by Starlight” program starts earlier and ends later to avoid the competing madness. Even with the two John Gray tour operated boats, the area is stunningly quiet and there is a large sense of serenity. During our tour we were quite fortunate to see a few monkeys, crabs, reptiles, sea-hawks and other water-life.


In addition to a personal guide who kayaked and navigated us around the Hongs, the tour also allowed for some spare time for us to kayak or swim around. There was something so incredibly raw and rugged in the beauty of a desolated island we saw in the distance so unsurprisingly we were pulled towards it and found ourselves kayaking towards there. After some time exploring the nearby islands, we had a newfound appreciation for our personal guide who rowed out to help us after we got our kayak stuck in the shallow rocks. Furthermore, it was refreshing to see our guides displaying genuine respect for the environment, which was displayed through them picking up the rare floating rubbish in the waters and their passion when telling us about every nook and cranny in the area.



Food is also a passion of mine and the tour did not disappoint. The tour included two main meals and light snacks, with ample amounts of fresh seafood in both the main meals. Many of the guides are also local fisherman whom imparted their vast knowledge to us including what are the local sea produce and what kind of seafood to purchase at the markets.



The day tour was long but we were rewarded again at the end of the trip with the breathtakingly beautiful sunset. During the last moments of sunlight, the sun casted a magical light on the islands and water. It really gives the term “natural beauty” a new definition, and reminded me again of why I love photography and all the wonderful moments in life it can preserve. The tour is definitely recommended for everyone but especially photographers, with ample opportunities to capture the natural wonders that Thailand has to offer.







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Ms. G’s – Potts Point

Busy and bustling Victoria St is undoubtedly one of Sydney’s infamous food havens. One standout restaurant on the popular strip is Ms G’s. Ms G’s serves modern-asian cuisine inspired from iconic street dishes from Vietnam, Taiwan, China and Korea. I love the innovation and fresh style that is incorporated in each of the dishes. To complement the dishes, Ms G’s offers bubble-tea inspired cocktails. Highlight for our dinner were the Jow’s sweet and sour lamb ribs. Tip: Ask for a window seat (if you’re there early) and you have a glorious view over the Sydney skyline.

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